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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Random Thoughts 6/8/2008

These are just some random thoughts that I have been having lately and thought I should post them here and see if anybody agrees.

1. Did you know that people actually get mad when a store asks to see an ID when they use a credit card! I've had a few retail and food workers tell me that. Im astonished...would these idiots rather somebody steal their credit card and use it without anybody checking IDs!! If your somebody who gets mad at somebody when they ask to see your ID when you use a credit card...I really hope you become a victim of id theft!!
2. People are blaming AM PM clerks for high gas prices!! I actually saw some moron cussing out some poor lady who was working at an AM Pm because he is angry about gas prices. I asked the guy if he thinks the lady gets free gas...he just looked at me and walked out. WHO HONESTLY THINKS ITS THE AM PM CLERRKS FAULTS FOR THE HIGH GAS PRICES???!!!!
3. Panhandlers- It seems I can't go anywhere without somebody begging for money nowadays!!! Its always black or white people....I never see a person of hispanic descent begging for money. Everybody gets on Mexicans for taking jobs....well guess what?? At least they freakin work!!!
4. George Bush supporters...Bush has a 25% approval rating...meaning 25% of Americans think he is doing a good job. In other words...25% of our country are retards!!
5. Bible thumpers- Here in California Gay Marriage just got approved by our Courts. The Bible thumpers are all up in arms and promissing a fight come November when we the voters actually get our say on the issue. The say they will fight the Proposition tooth and nail!! You know what? get this...after gay marriage got had no effect on my know why?? IM NOT GAY!!! I dont give a rat's ass if 2 guys or women want to get married....if it makes people happy more power to them. If the bible thumpers want to really make a difference why dont they fight gang violence? drug abuse? domestic violence?

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