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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Comic Con 7/27/2007

Well another Comic Con has come and gone and I made it for the second year in a row. I went on Thursday and had a blast. I stayed at my buddy Joe's apartment who lives about 20 minutes away and this afforded me the chance to sleep and be able to get up early enough to find decent parking and get in line early enough. I got to the convention center around 630Am and there was already a pretty big line forming....I was wondering if anybody had speant the night.
I walked to the end of the line and began the wait to get into Comic Con....I met 4 really cool dudes and we all just chatted about all things comics, tv and movies.  When nerds like us get together we inevitibly talk about You Tube, Robot Chicken, Comics and movies. At about 900Am they started allowing people to go up stairs to checkn and get their IDs...after which we all sat around and continued to banter on about important stuff such as Slave Leia costumes and why Tony Stark is an asshole.
As the doors opened we kind of started splitting up as we all had our own agendas and things we wanted to do.  I just walked in soaking in all of the bells and whistles...eye candy and the mecca that is comic con that laid before me.  I had no idea where I was going to go first so I decided to just pick an end of the hall and work my way back and forth.
The highlights of the exhibit hall were talking to Tiffany Taylor once again...Meeting Wendy freakin fine ass Delgado...seeing the drop dead gorgeous one legged Cherry Darling...and finding great comics and graphic novels and cheap prices. Oh and seeing the comics I wish I could buy such as Spiderman 1 and X-Men 1. Then there was the oppurtunity to try out some yet to be released video games...seeing great art work and everything else that is comic con.
At about 1130Am I made my way to the line to get into the Paramount Studios Panel Discussion which would no doubt have previews for Iron Man. The line was already making its way around the building and was about as long as the line to get into the facility. I ran into one of the guys who I had met earlier he was from England...I couldnt make the poor bloke go all the way to the end which by now may have been half way to Seaport Village. So I cut him in and had discussions about English Soccer and God knows what else....we finally got into the room and saw previews for Spiderwick Chronicles, Beowulf, Iron Man, Hot Rod and a funny looking Owen Wilson movie.
After that let out I found myself just wandering all over the convention center...I went to try and buy tickets for Friday but they had sold out so that bummed me out. I then went back to the exhibit hall to buy the things I was going to get Friday...I also came away with a 300 Special Edition Comic con Exclusive....that movie so rocks!! Also got to meet the funny as hell Bob Stencil...look him up on You Tube if you want to know who he is....
Took some pics of people in costumes and then headed out...I swear next year Im bringing a lot more money....going more than one day...and I may even dress up this time....

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